You work hard, write well, and care passionately about your work. But you’re not earning the money you deserve or living the life of freelancing freedom you once envisioned for yourself.
Your marketing is ad hoc, often inspired by guilt and feelings of “I should.”
The cash flow in your freelance writing business sucks. You’re tired of chasing clients for money, of having no idea what you’ll make next month, and scared of letting go of awful clients for what it might do to you financially.
In The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Making $1,000 More This Month award-winning freelance journalist Mridu Khullar Relph, who has written for The New York Times, TIME, CNN, ABC News, The Independent, Global Post and The Christian Science Monitor as well as several women’s magazines including national and international editions of Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, shows you simple and effective techniques that you can implement in your freelance writing business today to put more cash in your pocket.
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* Negotiation tips and strategies that Relph used to double her income
* Thirty ways to reslant and repackage your stories so that they become new
* How articles and blog posts you wrote years ago and sources you haven’t spoken to in decades can earn you more money this week
* Ways to add value to your stories without any additional work
* Why online editors are always looking for writers and how to find them

… and much more.
The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Making $1,000 More This Month will show you how to put more money in your pocket not next year, not next month, but TODAY.


“Mridu Khullar Relph is one of the best “mentors” on the international freelance writing scene. Ever since I discovered her writing, I have been truly inspired as a freelance writer myself… Made me read it from cover to cover. Unmissable.” – Rania Margari
“This is no fluffy e-book. It is absolutely crammed with practical tips for how to earn more from your writing efforts. I think an extra $1K a month is conservative. This eBook packs more useful freelance advice than most freelance books that cost 4 times as much.” – Teresa M. Carr
“This book does much much more than help you boost your bottom line—it can transform your career and help you build good marketing habits that are critical to a writer’s success.” – Kamala Thiagarajan
“… am amazed at the value for money it represents. I have certainly paid much more for much less.” – Annie Dee
“This book, if anything is as good, or even better than its title. Teeming with practical advice on a host of topics such as how to negotiate rates to re-slanting articles, packaging ideas and everything in between, this one is a useful goldmine of information that you can put to use right away.” – Nifty Jacob
“I don’t know of any writer who delivers savvy freelance advice in as engaging a voice as Mridu Khullar Relph.” – Rebecca L Weber
“I’ve been freelancing for more than 20 years, and try to keep abreast of the best and most current freelancing advice and resources, as well as occasionally refreshing myself on the classics. So I was surprised at how many of the tangible, actionable nuggets of advice in Mridu Khullar Relph’s guide to making a grand more a month were things I hadn’t considered, or hadn’t considered from her angle… I wasn’t surprised when I came here to post and saw all the five-star reviews. That’s an easy (and sound) evaluation to make.” – Tom Bentley
“I've read scores of books about freelance writing, but none have been as jam packed with actionable strategies to help me consistently increase my income as this book by Mridu Khullar Relph. As I read each chapter, I felt as though a lightbulb was going off in my head, and I had that "why haven't I thought of that?" feeling. There are so many fantastic ideas within these pages, that implementing ideas from only one chapter into my day to day marketing strategies would easily increase my income. But implementing the ideas from every chapter, and that's freelance writing gold.” – Leslie Patrick
“Any serious freelance journalist has A LOT to learn from impressive journalist Mridu Khullar Relph.” – Andrea Hessmo
“In this book, Mridu Khullar Relph has once again shown that freelance writers (no matter where in the world they are) can make a living through writing… This book is a treasure trove of information - be prepared to make lots of notes. From ideas on how to increase your assignments, to actually asking for a pay hike (gasp!), the book also includes sample query letters and Letters of Introduction (LOI).” – Chryselle D’Silva Dias
“An easy to read book, Mridu’s tone through- out the book is encouraging, like that friend who empathises with your fears and knows exactly when to nudge you ahead.” – Mythily Ramachandran
“Mridu Khullar Relph has written a wonderful book full of techniques and resources to boost the working writer's career by creating a steady stream of income to offset the feast and famine days of most freelance careers.” – Tanya Adams
“The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Making $1000 More This Month is easy to read and includes great tips on how to make extra money whether you are brand new to freelancing or simply stuck in a rut and in need of some new strategies to increase your bottom line. It won’t just give you ideas on increasing your income, it’ll motivate you to get writing too!” – Katarzyna Radzka


I have written for publications in over 20 countries, including TIME, The New York Times, CNN,, ABC News (Australia),, The Christian Science Monitor, The International Herald Tribune, Global Post and The Independent (UK).

I’ve been a contributing editor at Elle magazine’s Indian edition and have been published in women’s magazines around the world, including several foreign editions of Cosmopolian, Glamour, Vogue, Self, Marie Claire, and Ms. I have written for both The Writer and Writer’s Digest and I’ve also been a contributor to books Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas, Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen Soul II and Voices of Alcoholism.

I have worked lived and worked out of Asia, Africa, and North America and have won two awards for my work, including the 2010 “Development Journalist of the Year” award from the Developing Asia Journalism Awards forum.