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Download free templates for marketing, accounting and administrative systems, so you can focus on the writing.

Cash flow projection sheet
Deadline calendar

Understand that your freelance writing career is a business.

The quality of your product — the writing — is an important aspect of being successful and profitable. But on it’s own it is not enough. You must have a system to track the money if you want to pay next month’s grocery bills.

To help get started, download this free cashflow projection sheet, plus a deadline calendar.

Once the creative work is done, it is vital for writers to think like businesspeople. Would Disney give away the rights to its most popular film franchises? No, no and no again. That’s the recurring income that makes it so profitable.

So why do writers so often sell the rights to their work, simply because they’re desperate to see it published once?

Learn from John Grogan, a former columnist and the author of Marley and Me, about the importance of not signing away your rights.

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And while we’re at it, start planning now to recession-proof your writing career — before the next financial crisis hits.

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