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Learn how to find high-paying content marketing clients, network effectively and always be in work.

Looking to break into content marketing?

We’ve got you covered.

Discover how to find high paying clients and replace your diminishing newspaper and magazine income with enjoyable, profitable work.

Listen to two of the biggest names in content marketing discuss the world of opportunities for professional writers.

Hear entrepreneur, speaker, author and podcaster Joe Pullizzi (Joe coined the term “content marketing” in 2001) explain how writers are perfectly placed to thrive in the industry — and what to do to replace lost newspaper and magazine earnings.

Joe Lazauskas, the Editor-in-Chief and Director of Editorial at Contently, gives insider tips on how freelance writers should use the platform and what they can do to stand out.

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Articles on Content Marketing

The Freelance Writer's Guide to Content Marketing
(Buy The Freelance Writer's Guide to Content Marketing)


The Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing

Businesses expecting hundreds of thousands of dollars return for their content don’t hire writers off oDesk to do the work. They hire writers with proven storytelling, publishing, and writing skills. People like you and me.

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From Journalism to Content Marketing in 7 Simple Steps

If you’re a freelance journalist looking to supplement your income, content marketing is a fantastic industry to dip your toes in—or go all in!

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So, How Much Does Content Marketing Writing Really Pay?

You’ve started learning about content marketing because you've heard it's profitable, but really, this is the key question, right? This is what you want to know. How much does it pay?

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The Best Ways for Freelancers to Find Their Content Marketing Niche

The first step towards a career in content marketing writing (or to supplement your existing income with it), is to home in on a content marketing niche. Here are some quick and simple ways to find yours.

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Ethical Issues to Consider as a Content Marketing Writer (And How to Avoid Them)

There are, however, a few ethical issues to keep in mind as you bring content marketing to your freelancing mix as a journalist. Here are some of the ethical issues you’ll need to consider and how to best avoid them.

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7 Mistakes Journalists Make When Applying for Content Marketing Gigs

Here are some of the common mistakes writers, and experienced journalists especially, make when they’re pitching for content marketing gigs. Are you making any of them?

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6 Website Tweaks That Will Ensure Your Content Marketing Success

If you do have a website and would like to get more content marketing clients while reducing the time spent marketing, add these six simple tweaks to your to-do list to ensure your content marketing success.

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How to Get Hired When You Apply for Content Marketing Work

When you want to find work as a journalist, you need to focus on your experience and the story you’re pitching. What do you need to focus on when you’re pitching for content marketing work?

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7 Things You'll Be Expected to Write as a Content Marketing Writer

If you’ve been looking into the idea of being a content marketing writer, here are some of the things you can expect to write.

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The Top Content Marketing Myths That Are Hurting Your Writing Income

There are certain content marketing myths that repeatedly keep coming up in journalism circles that keep journalists wary of approaching new clients in this field or experimenting with the idea.

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Your Content Marketing Elevator Pitch

I think it cannot be overstated how important it is that people you meet, especially in networking situations, actually understand what it is that you do. They can’t hire you or recommend you if they aren’t clear on what you offer.

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