Earning More Money

Discover how to increase your hourly rate by working less and earning more.

There are two ways for freelance writers to earn more money: Increase your hours or increase your rates.

At The International Freelancer, we show you how to ignore the former and embrace the latter.

So, let's talk about getting paid better.

First, download this free report detailing the results of a year-long research project into the secrets of six figure freelancers.

Next, read this article to get tips on earning a recurring income, so you can spend more time writing and less time marketing.

Finally, read Mridu’s personal account of how parenthood forced her to earn a full-time income on part-time hours.

And if that's still not enough (because how could it be?), check out the articles below for specifics on making more, working less, and working smarter for better financial results.

Articles on Earning More Money

The Freelance Writer's Guide to Six Figures
(Buy The Freelance Writer's Guide to Making Six Figures)


These 70+ Publications Pay $1 a Word (And They're Looking For Writers)

These publications pay $1 a word or more OR a minimum flat fee of $500.

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting and Meeting Income Goals as a Freelancer

While external factors are certainly important, knowing what you want to earn and need to earn is essential in learning how to price yourself and navigating through your stage of freelancing.

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Why You’re Not Making the Freelancing Income You Want

Here’s why you’re not making the freelancing income you want and some quick and easy ways to fix it.

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10 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

Is writing for national consumer magazines or landing a three-book deal with a major New York publisher the only way to generate a good income? Not so.

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The Only Two Things You Need to Know About Negotiating Better Rates

These are really the only two skills you’ll ever need when you’re negotiating better rates.

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The Ultimate Guide to Recurring Income for Freelancers

You don’t have to wait ten years to figure out how to be a freelancer who makes a regular income. You can start right now, today.

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24 Financial Mistakes That Will Cost You Big as a Freelancer

Here’s a list of the top financial mistakes you could be making as a freelancer and how to fix them, fast.

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Can You Make Full-Time Writing Income on Part-Time Hours?

Having a child was perhaps the best thing that had ever happened to my productivity. Working part time, I made as much money as I had ever made working full-time.

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