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Articles on Pitching and Marketing

The Freelance Writer's Guide to Query Letters That Sell
(Buy The Freelance Writer's Guide to Query Letters That Sell)


Why Your Story Ideas Are Key to Getting Freelance Assignments

Your story ideas should be such that they can be summed up in a single sentence. They also need to say something new, something interesting that the editor may not have heard of before.

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The 9 Types of Query Letters (And When To Use Them)

Here are the the different types of query letters and why they work in different situations.

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What Gets Your Queries Assigned? A Top Editor Tells All

Early on in my career, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with a senior editor at TIME magazine. Here's what he told me.

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The 6 Essential Traits of Query Letters That Work

Take each individual query apart and you’ll start seeing certain patterns, certain styles, certain traits that they all seem to hit and make them query letters that work.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Turning a Story Idea into a Query

Here are some ways to take a generic story idea, give it a twist and turn it into something more.

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Why Sending Queries is Important and How Not to Give Up

Every time I’ve had a row of two or three bad months, I’ve realized that they’ve followed a busy period in which I’ve neglected my marketing.

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5 Reasons Your Queries Bring Home Rejections and Not Assignments

Why do most of your neatly-crafted, queries come boomeranging back from cyberspace bringing home unwanted rejections?

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How to Write and Send 25 Queries a Week

In this post, I'm going to share with you my barebones system for writing and sending 25 queries in the span of a week.

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30 Tips from 30 Days of Querying

Here are my 30 top tips from sending a query letter each and every day for a month.

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The Freelance Writer's Guide to Pitching With Confidence
(Buy The Freelance Writer's Guide to Pitching With Confidence)


How to Break Into That Dream Publication — This Year

You know that dream publication of yours? Pitch it.

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The Real Reason You Haven’t Cracked The Nationals Yet

If your query letters are consistently bringing back rejections and/or silences, there are only three reasons why. Fix them, and you’ll be well on your way to crack the nationals in no time.

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When It Comes To Pitching, Should You Aim High… or Low?

Whether you start at the top or at the bottom will depend not only on your goals for your work, but your income situation, your circumstances, and often, the story idea itself.

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Why Editors Love Certain Writers (And How to Become One)

In my experience, editors often like to work with a select group of freelance writers or journalists, those who’ve earned their respect and trust over time.

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7 Reasons Editors Are Not Responding to Your Queries

While most editors actually do respond to pitches sent their way, here are some good reasons why they don’t.

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The Simple Pitching Technique That Doubled My Response Rate

Rejections are tough sometimes, but most of us understand that they’re a part of the job and we don’t take them personally. Was there a way I could get more responses, even rejections? I decided to experiment.

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Psychological Barriers and Easy Wins aka How to Get Over Yourself and Get Work Done

Writers, as a side effect of being creative folk, are masters of the art of the excuse. We create all kinds of psychological barriers for ourselves when it comes time to pitch a story or an idea.

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4 Things You Must Do When Your Ideas Don’t Sell

What should you do when a story comes back rejected and your ideas simply don't sell? Here’s my advice.

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Waiting for a Response to Your Query Letter? 8 Productive Things To Do While You Wait

The hardest wait for freelance writers, it seems, is waiting for a response from an editor on an idea that you think is timely, a perfect fit, and of course, marketable elsewhere.

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21 Small Things You Can Do Today To Find New Clients

All it takes is one marketing effort a day, no matter how big or small. Here’s my list of the 21 small things you can do today that will help you find new clients.

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The Freelance Writer's Guide to International Journalism
(Buy The Freelance Writer's Guide to International Journalism)


How to Get Work as a Foreign Correspondent

Here’s a funny thing that I noticed during my time in India: When journalists came to India from abroad to work as a foreign correspondent, they had a far easier time making it as freelancers than local journalists born and brought up in the country.

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Turn Your Biggest Disadvantage Into Your Biggest Strength

No matter what your difficulty or weakness, I can assure you that there’s a way to turn it into an advantage. Here’s how.

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