Mindset. Strategy. Implementation. I help you master all three so that you can build a writing career that you love.  

  • The coaching will be for 6 weeks. 
  • We'll have an official 30-minute chat once a week so that I can talk to you about how you're feeling, how well you're doing, and where you might be struggling. 
  • In addition, we will have a daily 10-minute check-in chat so that I can keep you accountable, keep up-to-date on any issues you're facing, and nip problems in the bud he very day they appear. These daily check-ins will serve as motivation for both of us to make each day a success.
  • Other than the sessions, I'm also available to you any time if you need extra help, advice over email or text, or need me to look at something you're sending out (LOIs, pitches, etc.)
  • We will work on creating daily habits and schedules that feel natural to you and that minimize your resistance.
  • We will also figure out a balance between for-money work and for-love work so that you feel that you are making the right business decisions as well as growing creatively. This will vary widely on each individual and so we'll discuss goals and dreams before we get started. 


  • As an extra bonus for signing up to this coaching, you will get access to six hours of exclusive video trainings, that I send to all my coaching clients, which will help you get set up with my entire freelancing system-- spreadsheets, templates, worksheets, blueprints, tracking sheets, checklists, and everything else that I use in my own personal freelancing business. 


Mridu was everything I was looking for in a writing coach: she's all business while still being friendly and supportive. 

I achieved my goal of going full-time freelance again in by the end of our six-week coaching period. I've since created more goals for myself financially and career-wise, and have organized myself for success. 

Without Mridu's guidance and reassurance and gentle pushing, I doubt I would have come this far this fast.

- Haniya Rae

Refund Policy: All sales are final. We cannot offer refunds on coaching programs.